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Berminal: Crypto news app that rewards readers

Berminal: Crypto news app that rewards readers
Debuting as the #3 product of the day on Product Hunt, Berminal is a live crypto news platform that rewards readers who engage with content. To do this, Berminal has launched their own cryptocurrency, BERM. Users who engage with content in ways that is deems valuable get rewarded with BERM.

Berminal Crypto News App


What’s the value of Berminal and BERM?

Sorting through crypto news on Twitter, subreddits, or Facebook groups to find what’s important is time consuming. More importantly, it doesn’t showcase the crypto community’s sentiment accurately.

Berminal Crypto News AppBerminal Crypto News App Berminal Crypto News App









With Berminal, you have news aggregated and simplified. This allows you to focus on reading the most valuable news, verses wasting time locating it. On top of that, the app provides summarized versions of articles listed. This enables readers to get the full news picture without reading every filler word.

After reading articles, users can then vote articles as “Bull” or “Bear.” Other users are then able to see the community votes and what the overall market sentiment is. To encourage voting, users are rewarded BERM for their votes.

In addition to curating news, Berminal allows you to curate your crypto portfolio and track market gains and loses. Furthermore, the app provides a ‘Crypto Psychic’ feature where you are reward BERM based on predicting Bitcoin’s valuation. The newest feature allows you to take a short quiz after reading articles. If you answer the quiz correctly, you are awarded BERM.


Where did the idea for Berminal come from?

In the video below, Berminal founder Ray Xiao explains his motivations behind founding the app. Ray is also one of the co-founders of cryptocurrency platform IOST, currently valued at over $100 million. Prior to starting these companies he was a student at TUFTS University. After graduating in 2015, he worked for a few startup companies and then quickly transitioned to working full time on IOST in 2016.

Berminal is a project idea that came out of Ray’s work on IOST.

“I saw a huge need for transparency and neutral news for crypto.”

-Ray Xiao, Co-founder of Berminal and IOST

If you’d like to try out their app you can download it on Android or IOS.

Once downloaded, you can enter this invite code, 5563031b, and you’ll receive 150 free BERM. (This article was not sponsored, however this is a referral code that we thought you might appreciate.)

As Berminal continues to grow and continues upgrading their app you can follow along on Telegram, HERE.