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Is Fidelity Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Is Fidelity Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Fidelity is the fourth largest asset management company in the world. Last year alone they managed over $2.4 trillion, and currently they may be in the process of building a cryptocurrency exchange.

Reportedly, Fidelity has posted several job opening on their internal company site referencing digital assets and building a digital asset exchange. No official details have been released, but it can be inferred that they are making moves into digital asset management and exchange trading.

According to Business Insider:

“If Fidelity successfully launches these products, it would represent one of the biggest moves by a Wall Street firm into the market for digital assets.”

This hiring isn’t the first sign of a move by Fidelity to enter the digital assets market. Back in 2015, Fidelity applied to trademark the term “Fidelitycoin.” In the trademark they stated it concerns: “financial services, namely, financial exchange services for virtual currency; electronic wallets; charitable services in the name of virtual currency.”

An exchange launched by Fidelity would further legitimizes cryptocurrencies as well as provide a huge motivation for other major Wall Street firms to not miss out on cryptocurrency opportunities.

Already, Goldman Sachs backed cryptocurrency company Circle is seeking a banking license. According to Circle’s CEO, Jeremy Allaire, they see themselves as being a “great guinea pig” to help regulators figure out how to properly regulate cryptocurrency.

It seems likely that Fidelity is also highly interested in being guinea pigs of the SEC as well. This would be a chance for them to get in early on the potential future of banking. According to a Fidelity spokeswoman Jessica Macdonald:

“We see the future of financial services taking place on open and permissionless ledgers, with technologies like digital assets, currencies and blockchains, and we are very actively exploring what this may mean for Fidelity,”