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Sex Problems can be Solved with Blockchain Technology

Sex Problems can be Solved with Blockchain Technology

“Millions of sex workers every day are experiencing horrible social stigma and awful working conditions.”

According to,they plan to “revolutionize engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment by using Blockchain technology.”

Hussy is a blockchain, sex-tech startup company looking to disrupt the sex industry. Founder, Peter Tulala is looking to use Hussy as a way to solve issues like screenings of clients and providers, more trust, safety, and privacy.

Some of the biggest issues in the sex market involve regulations being inefficient and not effective at helping protect sex workers. These issues are also impacted by traditional investors being hesitant to invest as a result of the nature of work.

Hussy’s solution:

“We [Hussy] are legally able to operate our own escorting platform only in selected countries, however anyone can open their own escorting platform anonymously in any country and join the distributed HUSSY infrastructure in order to improve the status quo of the global sex work industry.”

Utilizing the Blockchain, Hussy will increase privacy, safety, and trust within the sex work industry. technology outline


In addition to safety and privacy, Hussy strives to provide a better experience for clients and service providers. Hussy will provide a fair flexible fee schedule as well as cut down on time wasted by both parties. Clients will be incentivized to leave a security deposit that will be withheld is time is wasted.

Currently, Hussy is in the process of starting a private token sale. After the sale, an MVP will be released followed by a public token sale in Q4 2018.