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What Does the Release of the VeChain Thor Public Testnet Mean?

What Does the Release of the VeChain Thor Public Testnet Mean?

Earlier today, VeChain released their public testnet. This brings them one step closer to mainnet launch and being “the most heavily used blockchain globally.”


VeChain testnet launch Twitter announcement

According to an article published by VeChain, there are “trillions of expected transactions” post mainnet launch. The launch of testnet brings VeChain closer to smoothly and securely launching to mainnet at the end of June.

VeChain has already been working hard with security companies Secureware, Hosho, SlowMist, and HackenProof “to identify possible vulnerabilities and prevent the cyberthreat ahead of time.”

Currently, VeChain Thor’s testnet is available on GitHub. A testnet is essentially a public beta verion of a blockchain. The differenc between a testnet and a mainnet are that any potential changes that need to be made prior to mainnet can be more easily discovered and implemented without consequences.

One of the biggest benefits of a testnet is that they allow for developers to have QA tests. Given the scale and popularity of VeChain already, there should be a massive number of QA tests and this should be a huge step towards solving any pre-mainnet launch issues.

The testnet launch of VeChain Thor should not only help Vechain solve any technical issues, but it should also drive more interest in VeChain as they move towards mainnet launch.